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San Diego, CA



I am originally from Indiana and moved out to San Diego, CA for the beautiful weather & to attend San Diego State University, where I received both my Undergraduate & Masters in Business Management.

My passion is taking pictures of San Diego. Some of my favorites are images of animals at the San Diego Zoo, dog surfing photos, action shots of surfers at Pacific Beach and scenic landscapes of Downtown San Diego, La Jolla, etc...

I take all my photos with a Canon 7D which helps enhance my night photography and the breathtaking sunsets Iím fortunate enough to see every day living here!

I've been a professional photographer for 6 years now and have sold hundreds of images to individuals, small businesses and corporations all over the world. Thanks for checking out my images and I hope you find a piece perfect for you!


Fun at the bus stop by Nathan Rupert


Through the eyes of a pelican by Nathan Rupert


Behold the American Kestrel by Nathan Rupert


On Alert by Nathan Rupert


Religion by Nathan Rupert


The Colors of San Diego by Nathan Rupert


Fly away with me by Nathan Rupert


San Diego Airport Plane Wheel by Nathan Rupert


Spring is upon us by Nathan Rupert